Friday, 27 March 2009

Hajjaj's Latest Cartoon Controversy

Hajjaj's latest cartoon has provoked some controversy among Jordanians and especially Christians, for criticizing the pure waters of the Jordan River at the Baptism site.

The cartoon, although cynical, is a bit edgy and the tone of attack is tangible. Hajjaj's style and talent has grown into a Jordanian phenomenon, closer to the beat of the street and to the life vibe of everyday low and middle class Jordanians.

It is also essential to acknowledge that a cartoon, no matter how critical of a certain issue is supposed to provoke controversy to a certain level, and that's what cartoonists' talent is all about. However, Jordanians are not used to linking religion to any of our contemporary issues. In a statement issued on his personal website, Hajjaj spoke of his respect for the Christian religion, and explained that his cartoon's message was aimed at the Ministry of Water and Irrigation and the latest furor over the polluted water matter.

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