Sunday, 8 February 2009

The New City of Amman Logo: An Acquired Taste, Perhaps?

The city logo is something that is linked to a city like a name to a person, it is a signature, an identity, and most importantly it should represent a mega entity, not a singular perception. It is something that shouldn’t be put together haphazardly, fortuitously or without deep thought and consideration. It certainly is not an art work assignment, or a graphic design contest. A city logo is official, formal, or at least that's how it is known to be.

The new logo of Amman published by GAM recently, is, although interesting; not a great success, unless we want to portray an image of Amman, as the playful, child friendly city, where the logo is not really different from that of Madrasi initiative, or children museum. The colours, although beautiful, are not timeless; they somehow present a single view of the city at a certain time. The logo does not tell a great deal about what the city itself, given the attributes of history, culture and people. I should be intrigued to find pink and mauve and other colours present at every corner round Amman, but it is certainly not the case. Amman's image is far from that city of neon ghettos, or mystic blue and mauve ice covered mountains.

I think that the traditional wives –tale of the seven hills of Amman, is outdated and obsolete. Amman now represents a cosmopolitan growth, so to build a logo design on a concept that is more than 200 years old, is less sellable nowadays. Besides, some people believe that there are more than seven hills in Amman to begin with.

Changing the logo of the city is an effort that GAM should be applauded for for sure. But decisions are responsibilities, and that responsibility should be handled with ultra proficiency. I hope that they can be more sensitive towards creating a life-long legacy, rather than the flashy temporary brain storming oddities, that we seem to adore in Amman nowadays!