Monday, 19 January 2009

Livni and Rice: Bestest of Friends!

In this article written by Rice for Time's top 100; "Condi" Rice describes her fondness of her "colleague" and "friend" Tzipi Livni, and tells of how they sit together and have long chats about their dads and how exciting motherhood is for Livni who is apparently a "proud Mum"!!!

I am certain that what happened in Gaza has been a great adventure for both of them - not only that they managed to do what is considered "their jobs", but they were able to fit in some quality friendship pondering time as well, how lovely is that!

I am sure that the "children" enjoyed the adventure along with the mother; let's be honest here; how "cool" is it to watch from the distance people with blown-up heads, scattered limbs and blood spilled over freshly-flattened houses, who could miss that?!

This post is nothing but to say:

Thank You Livni, Thank You Rice

Without role models like yourselves; women and mothers round the world would be lost. Thank you for saving the day, and for caring in providing entertainment for your children throughout. But most importantly, thank you for your hard work and dedication for creating a better world for all the people in the "region" including women and children.

Speaking of which…
Gazan Mothers,
You have utterly SHAMED MOTHERHOOD!

Refusing to sacrifice trivial things like your children, your peace of mind and your lives, for such noble purposes like Elections! Political Friendships! Agendas! Entertainment! The Bush Administration! The "Peace"!

Shame on You!

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