Friday, 9 January 2009

Left or Right: Which Way Jordanian Moderates Will Bounce To?

The shadows cast by the latest escalations in Gaza, will leave the Jordanian Moderates in a tough spot; many will choose to politically move to the left, or towards Islamist ideology.
Chafez (A good old Leftie) made a welcomed gesture of expelling the Israeli ambassador to Venezuela, perceived now as a hero in Jordan; this will certainly add to the popularity of Leftists like Che Guevara, Videl Castro who are all symbols of resistance and have been popular in the region for years, but now are viewed as role models, with protestors carrying their portraits everywhere.

A roughly drawn sketch of the political party scene in Jordan will show Islamists, Centrism Moderates, and Leftists - Not a great variety when it comes to adapting or practicing an ideology.

The Jordanian Middle or Moderate Middle, however, will not stand a chance amidst the anger and turmoil fueled by the current Gaza escalations. Some of them Moderates will resolve to Islamist ideology – a solid organized religious activism with “boycott Israel” as its favourite slogan. While The Jordanian Lefties will wave the flags of boycotting Israel now, albeit supporting the peace treaty with Israel before. The Left is the one to watch certainly, as it re-establishes itself politically in Jordan.

The Moderate stance that Jordan as a country represents will remain intact, although terribly disturbed by the latest Israeli atrocities.
Perhaps Moderation is a hard word to swallow when there’s an ongoing bloodshed and violations of human rights. Harder to swallow still is the fact that the Moderate Arab states are dealing with an Extreme Right Israeli government - Moderation in this case can be described as a risky adventure, while sitting on the fence!


The Observer said...

That is why we need moderate voices to be raised now even more that ever.

Lass said...

I think “We” is quite a broad-spectrum word, besides the fact that why “We” or “He” or “She” should work towards the benefit of a certain ideology? At the end of the day, ideologies are beliefs, and if someone strongly believes in something why should “we” try and change that? Isn’t that what Moderation is all about? correct me if I am wrong.