Sunday, 11 January 2009

Is Israel’s Diplomatic Failure Hinting to A Military Failure?

Israel’s war against the Palestinians is questioning with some odd thoughts the diplomacy of Israel; certainly not succeeding as a military force to convince the Palestinians still of its occupation, or justify for the angry Arab masses the latest assault on Gaza; despite some Moderate voices who are still convinced that Hamas is the issue.

Strategically, its military occupation is definitely focusing on its targets and working by the imperialist old book of creating sub-ordinate entities within the Palestinian lands – By basically dividing Gaza and the West Bank from the rest of the Palestinian territories.

The Israeli project, although logistically winning; is definitely failing in the diplomatic arena. Israel’s long history of violence, right-wing driven politics armed with an extremist cavalry, infantry and war machine, have reduced Israel’s popularity to plummeting levels.

Compared to a colonial success like that of Great Britain, one has to again evaluate the power of diplomacy when it comes to military success. Albeit Britain’s vast conquer of more than two thirds of the world, it has also succeeded in keeping its record clean, and also in maintaining good diplomatic ties with its colonies. The British diplomacy, along with supreme tactics and a legendary army, have never failed both logistically or politically.

Prince Harry was forced to apologize yesterday for calling fellow army officer with offensive remarks , mainly “Paki” (Pakistani), and another that he looked like a “raghead” (often used for Iraqis and Taliban). His apology was quickly reported in the media, so the British prince wont be called racist. British diplomacy came to the rescue of Prince Harry – The third in line to the throne, in the middle of their war in Iraq and Afghanistan. In British diplomacy laws, it is okay to declare war on nations, but to call them ragheads is definitely off limits!

If only Israel can use a bit of diplomacy in its current assault on Gaza! Why Is it off limits if one Israeli diplomat condemned at least one single Israeli violation against innocent Palestinians? If they only read enough history books; they might teach them a bit about THE POWER OF DIPLOMACY!

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