Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Jordan: Tradition Vs Transition

One of the most magical things about Jordan, is the desert!
Let them fool you not the stretched-up high buildings; the westernized names given to recent developments; like The Vertex or The Living Wall. This country’s pride is the desert and its Bedouin culture. Bedouin traditions govern everything in this small aspiring country - the means that we live by belong to the west, but the traditions remain Jordanian and Arab in a unique contrasting way!

Do you still have your doubts?

Try and listen to this song (Hadabatly*) by Omar Al Abdallat, which describes his fondness of his Bedouin mother - the song carries a lovely sentiment and pride of Bedouin tradition.

Note: This is the best video I could find on YouTube

*Hadabatly means fixed my Shmagh with trims.
Shmagh : (traditional Arabic headdress – the Jordanian one is a distinguished red and white pattern)

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Amman Revisited: After Four Years

I took this picture almost four years ago. Amman has changed a lot since then. I was atop "Le Royal" thinking I got the best of whatever height the city architecture could give me back then. It's all changed now.
Somehow Amman is reinventing itself; waving last goodbyes to its childhood, and entering adolescence in preparation for the state of adulthood; and like rebellious teenagers; the city is transforming madly. What belonged, and what’s belonging and what is to belong to the city is what makes Amman - the city I am revisiting.